Chapter 12 – Burrow deep, deeper My Mind!!

  When the current story ends a new one emerges, In another cover another picture   But the story continues till there is a change. A change from the old one and it takes a new turn   Turn after turn it stumbles and falls....           The Guy sank in the... Continue Reading →

Chapter 11: Anahata!!

Now then, what does life mean without an aim, When the aim itself defies life. Smile! It is one thing that I can always see when I think of you brother, you with a smile on your face. Somehow my mind covers up your torn up blood covered face. Since the day you rode away... Continue Reading →

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Permaculture Kerala

My blog on our way of life on our Permaculture homestead in Ezhupunna, Kerala, India.


just a guy teaching and writing about yoga

Learn To Love Food

Food Fun For Feeding Therapy and Picky Eaters


Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think.....

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